“In a normal classroom, it can take a long time to work with a teacher, but at LTP Scholars they are literally sitting right next to you.”
— Michael Ross (Class of ‘22)


Our mission

To provide a customized, accredited educational experience dedicated to academic rigor and student independence for athletes participating in the Randy Pate Tennis Academy (RPTA).  This unique program encourages collaboration between facilitators, coaches, and athletes to help each child achieve their academic and athletic potential.

“At LTP Scholars, everyone works hard, the tutors are always available to help, and it is an extremely focused work environment.”
— Emma Charney (Class of '22 )


In August of 2017, LTP Scholars opened its doors for the first time.  In conjunction with the Randy Pate Tennis Academy (RPTA), LTP Scholars sought to provide a rigorous academic program that gave its student-athletes the opportunity to train and learn in the same location.  In its first year, LTP Scholars invited twenty-three student-athletes to join its founding class, with grades ranging from sixth to twelfth.  

Not only did this class experience incredible success on the tennis courts, but 98% made the honor roll both semesters.  LTP Scholars' student-athletes also participated in over five AP classes and nearly forty honors courses throughout the year.  In its first year, two high school seniors graduated with honors from the LTP Scholars program .

OUr curriculum

The majority of students in the LTP Scholars program will be enrolled in South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA), which is a free, fully accredited academic program that offers a wide range of course options for all grades and levels. Students that are not permanent residents of South Carolina have the opportunity to be enrolled in the International Connections Academy.

It is important to note that LTP Scholars is not a school, but rather a framework that includes a building, and administrator, and highly qualified learning coaches and facilitators that all work to support the SCCA curriculum. Our students have all the services available in a traditional school setting including guidance counselors, speech therapy, art, music, and more.