Coaches focus on building techniques and improving conditioning, simulating match play through points and games.  Each court is monitored by a coach, and advancement is base upon on-court performance.


Pod Training

Coach Randy will work with each player in a semi-private setting each week on long-term development. The focus will be on developing weapons and game style that will translate to the collegiate level.


Private Lessons

A private coach is provided for each athlete.  The private coach will work on tournament to tournament adjustments. For example, your coach will focus on correcting a weakness before the next tournament.

Tournament Team

Coaches can learn as much or more about their athlete in one weekend of competition as they can in a month of clinic. Coaches travel with athletes to tournaments to provide pre-match instructions and post-match analysis.



Athletes participate in yoga classes twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7. The hour focuses on flexibility ,relaxation, and stretching centered around the core muscles used in tennis.