“Jean Bartlett is a 21st century pioneer in education. Her holistic and hands on approach to educating the whole student athlete to their highest potential has profoundly impacted my three children. Eddie now plays tennis for SMU, Anna is headed to Vanderbilt, and Michael is in the 10th grade.

LTP Scholars has given them the structure, support, and flexibility to become thriving, well-rounded students in a safe and caring environment.

Jean and her staff care deeply - about academics, health, fitness, volunteering in the community, family time, and so much more.  My husband Ed and I are truly grateful to the entire LTP Scholars team and the Navarro family for enriching our lives.”

-Nancy Ross


“LTP Scholars is an extremely focused work environment.” -Emma Charney, class of ‘22

“The flexibility and opportunities I have with all the tutors surrounding me let me thrive in a homeschool setting.” - Mitchell Deames, class of ‘22

“Even though I travel all the time to compete, all of the tutors make sure that we keep up with our schoolwork, which I wouldn’t be able to do in a traditional school.” -Coy Simon, class of ‘20

“One of the best things about LTP Scholars is definitely the amount of support I receive from my peers and teachers. The amount of positivity that surrounds LTP is almost overwhelming. The past two years I’ve spent at LTP Scholars have helped me achieve goals that started out as dreams.” -Anna Ross, class of ‘19